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Trapeze and Papercast cooperate to provide cost effective real-time information


Scheduling management specialist Trapeze and e-paper pioneer Papercast have teamed up to integrate Papercast’s e-paper display technology into Trapeze’s operations control system so that dispatchers can use both systems to provide passenger information from a single source.


The aim is to give public transport operators the opportunity to embrace the benefits of e-paper display technology, taking advantage of Papercast’s solar powered technology, with ultra-low energy consumption.


Unlike conventional display systems, solar-powered e-paper displays have virtually no infrastructure requirements. Stops without power supply can easily and cost-effectively receive real-time passenger information via the public mobile 3G/4G network. With fast installation at existing stops, the displays can be managed and monitored easily using the content management platform.


In addition to departure and incident information, content apps are used to show a wide range of information on the displays, such as route network, fares, local maps or advertising. The latest e-paper technology offers the customer excellent outdoor readability under different lighting conditions, with nighttime illumination also provided. Accessibility options, such as built-in screen reader and iBeacon, allow display content to be read to blind and visually impaired passengers on request.


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