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Volvo demonstrates 7900E electric in Marseille


For the first time the Volvo 7900E electric hybrid is running in operation in France. The four-week pilot by RTM (Régie des Transports Metropolitains) in Marseille means a French first for Volvo’s electric hybrid, the fast-charging concept and the use of renewable HVO fuel.

RTM (Régie des Transports Metropolitains), responsible for public transport in Marseille, is together with Volvo and ABB testing a 7900E in commercial operation on route 82. The aim of the four-week trial is to evaluate the bus and the opportunity fast-charging concept in real-life operation. Route 82 passes in front of the ethnographic museum Le Mucem and crosses the docks of the old harbor in Marseille.

The 7900E runs quietly and emission-free on electricity for about 8 km. Charging the batteries at the fast charging station, installed in cooperation with ABB, takes 3 to 6min using the system based on the open interface OppCharge.

Compared with a corresponding conventional diesel powered bus, the 7900E consumes 60% less energy. With the use of the renewable HVO fuel (hydrogenated vegetable oil), carbon dioxide emissions are drastically reduced.

Based on the parallel hybrid drivetrain of the Volvo 7900 Hybrid (more than 3,000 units running in Europe, more than one hybrid out of two to date) the vehicle:
* can be charged in 3 to 6min at the end of the line thanks to a pantograph
* keep the flexibility to run in hybrid mode as it is equipped with the Volvo D5 engine.

OppCharge is a fast charging system with a pole-mounted pantograph based on an open interface, which guarantees interoperability between the charging station and electric buses. OppCharge follows the industry organisation ACEA’s recommendations for fast-charging.

Ninety Volvo 7900Es have been sold to Belgium. The company has also received orders from Luxemburg, Germany and Sweden. In total, Volvo has sold more than 3,600 electrified buses worldwide.

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